Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah..setelah sebulan kita semua berjuang, berperang dengan nafsu yang telah bertapak dalam diri kita ini akhirnya Allah menganugerahkan kepada kita dengan bulan kemenangan iaitu Bulan Syawal. Allahuakbar..

Bersyukur sangat2 Allah masih memberi peluang kepada saya untuk masih meng-update blog saya ini. Alhamdulillah..

Insya-Allah raya kali ini, mari kita semua manfaatkan dengan mengeratkan hubungan yang jauh, membina hubungan yang roboh dan memulakan silaturrahim yang baru :) Yelah, mungkin selama ni kita tak kenal pon saudara mara kita, kalau diorang balik kampung..kita malu2 nak tegur kan? haha..tapi kali ini mari ubah!

Malam raya, tak tido sebab kat dapur tengah ada masak2...haha. AYah sedang bertungkus lumus masak ketupat dan rendang. mana mak? hehe...mak pon samala tengah tolong..tapi nampak gayanya ayah lagi semangat dalam bab2 masak ni..:)

Pukol 5 pagi nanti akan bertolak ke Bentong, Pahang. Dalam 2 jam insya-ALlah sampai la.

Di Kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua follower setia saya ( err..ada ke?? ). Jikalau sepanjang penulisan saya di blog ini ada menyinggung perasaan sesiapa, maaf dipinta. tak berniat pon..:)

Ok, itu saje setakat ini. Insya-Allah nanti saya akan update la beberapa peristiwa2 di pagi raya dan hari raya yang seterusnya...


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Krisis Kebuluran di Afrika Timur...


Hari ni saya nak berkongsi dengan anda semua tentang masalah ataupun krisis yang sedang yang kini sedang melanda Afrika Timur. Mereka semua berada dalam keadaan yang sangat menyedihkan kerana hampir 10.7 juta jumlah mereka terpaksa hidup dalam keadaan yang sangat teruk, iaitu bekalan makanan dan minuman yang sangat terhad.
sangat TERHAD.

Sedih bila dapat tahu purata 6 orang kanak-kanak disana mati setiap hari. tak dapat nak bayangkan bagaimana sengsaranya kehidupan mereka disana. Kita disini?? Sungguh seronok..lebih2 lagi nak dekat raya ni kan?

Apa yang berlaku disana, sesungguhnya memberi gambaran jelas kepada kita bertuahnya kita. Allah seperti sedang memberitahu kepada kita, wahai sekalian manusia, berSYUKURlah! Malangnya, ada diantara kita yang masih dengan perangai lama...masih tak kenal erti CUKUP dan PUAS.


Tidak menjadi masalah untuk menyambut raya. bergembiralah.
Tetapi ingatlah penderitaan yang sedang dialami oleh mereka diluar sana. Nasib mereka tak sebaik kita. Tetapi beruntunglah mereka jika mereka redha dengan ketentuan Allah, ujian daripada Allah. Sungguh, Syurga la tempat kembali bagi mereka Insya-Allah..

Saya ada sertakan bersama sebuah artikel yang diambil daripada laman
Dalam bahasa inggeris, jadi rajin2kan diri buka kamus ye :)

The UN has declared a famine in parts of Somalia - the first in East Africa this century. Two years of drought have displaced 25% of Somalia's population, while other countries in the region have also been badly affected.

How bad is it?

The UN says East Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years, with more than 10 million people threatened by starvation in four countries - Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.

It has been caused by the lack of rains and the failure of governments to adequately finance agriculture and irrigation schemes.

Somalia is hardest hit, with the UN declaring a famine in its Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions. At least six out of 10,000 children are dying every day in Somalia, the UN says.

Why is Somalia worst affected?

Since its last national government collapsed in 1991, Somalia has become the classic failed state.

The militant group, al-Shabab which has links to al-Qaeda, controls many southern and central areas, includes those where a famine has been declared.

The UN-backed government is only in charge of parts of the capital, Mogadishu.

After two decades of non-stop fighting, most of Somalia's people were already living close to the edge.

To make matters worse, al-Shabab forced most Western aid agencies out of the areas they control in 2009, severely hampering the aid effort in much of Somalia.

Extended drought is causing a severe food crisis in the Horn of Africa, which includes Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. Weather conditions over the Pacific means the rains have failed for two seasons and are unlikely to return until September.

An estimated 12.5 million people in the region are affected by the drought. The UN has declared a famine in five areas of southern Somalia, where 50% of children are acutely malnourished and four children out of every 10,000 are dying daily.

The humanitarian problem is made worse by ongoing conflicts. Militants had lifted a ban on aid agencies operating in parts of southern Somalia, but now say reports of famine are exaggerated and have again limited access.

Since the beginning of 2011, around 15,000 Somalis each month have fled into refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia looking for food and water. The refugee camp at Dadaab, in Kenya, has been overwhelmed by an estimated 400,000 people.

Farmers unable to meet their basic food costs are abandoning their herds. High cereal and fuel prices had already forced them to sell many animals before the drought and their smaller herds are now unprofitable or dying.

The refugee problem may have been preventable. However, violent conflict in the region has deterred international investment in long-term development programmes, which may have reduced the effects of the drought.

Development aid would focus on reducing deforestation, topsoil erosion and overgrazing and improving water conservation. New roads and infrastructure for markets would help farmers increase their profits.

The result of climate conditions, conflict and lack of investment is that 6.7 million people in Kenya and Ethiopia are currently existing on food rations, and relief agencies estimate 2.6 million in Somalia will need assistance a new emergency operation.
Could the situation improve?

Most of the affected people in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are pastoralists and nomads.

Livestock is key to their livelihoods, but many of their animals - including drought-resistant camels - have died. This means they will take many years of good rains to recover.

In Somalia's famine-hit areas, rains are only due in November. The people who have fled the famine are unlikely to return any time soon to plant crops.

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network predicts that the whole of southern Somalia will experience a famine in the next month or two.

Famine-hit Lower Shabelle was once Somalia's breadbasket, but the conflict has forced many farmers and businessmen to leave the country.

Have there been famines in the region before?

In 1992-3, Somalia experienced a famine, as anarchy hit the country after the overthrow of the Siad Barre regime. This led the US to intervene but they pulled out after the "Black Hawk Down" incident when 18 US troops were killed by Somali militiamen.

Ethiopia experienced a famine in 1973, against the background of a creeping coup against Emperor Haile Selassie.

It faced another famine in 1984, at the height of the war between the government of Col Mengistu Haile Mariam and Tigrayan rebels.

Basically, conflict turns a drought into a famine.

Some say that climate change means that extremes of weather are becoming more common in the region.

Can peace be restored to Somalia?

This is the only long-term way to solve the hunger crisis but it is not easy.

The lack of ways to earn a living and the absence of any government to enforce laws also explain why so many young Somali men have taken to become pirates in the Indian Ocean.

The country is riven not only by religious conflict but also by clan divisions.

Since Somalia descended into anarchy, there have been lots of peace talks but precious little peace.

More than a dozen initiatives - spearheaded by the African Union, UN and regional countries - have collapsed.

Military intervention by foreign countries has also failed.

After the US experience, other Western nations became cautious.

About a decade later, Ethiopia - allied to the US - sent in troops because it was worried about the rise of an Islamist movement.

But they too were forced to withdraw, in the face of constant attacks by the insurgents and a more radical group - al-Shabab - now controls many areas.

Now there are African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, but only 9,000 troops of a promised 20,000 have been deployed and they are confined to a small part of Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab controls the rest of the capital and most southern and central areas.

Agencies banned by al-Shabab

International Medical Corps
Is enough aid getting through?


It is very difficult to get aid to Somalia - even before al-Shabab banned aid groups, some food deliveries were looted by gunmen and others were held for ransom by pirates.

Some aid agencies have been putting out appeals warning of a crisis for several months but the effort has only really been ramped up recently, when TV pictures of starving children motivate more people - and governments - to put their hands in their pockets.

The economic crisis may have left many donors and individuals feeling less generous than they would normally be.

Others may question whether their aid will actually reach those in need - rather than al-Shabab or other gunmen.

This was a major problem in the 1992-3 drought in Somalia.

Are talks taking place with al-Shabab?

The UN is involved in discussions with al-Shabab to give aid to famine victims.

The problem is that al-Shabab denies there is a famine.

It also fears that Western aid workers are linked to intelligence services.

So, their suspicions will have to be addressed.

For its part, the UN wants guarantees that its staff will be safe in areas controlled by al-Shabab.

In the absence of an agreement, Somalis will keep fleeing to Kenya and Ethiopia.

Those countries are struggling to cope with their own food crisis - and are nervous about the influx of Somalis.

They fear the refugees could threaten their stability, with al-Shabab fighters entering under the guise of refugees.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud:

“Sesungguhnya Allah akan menguji dan mencuba salah seorang di antara kamu dengan cubaan sebagaimana salah seorang kamu menguji kadar emasnya dengan api. Maka sebahagian mereka akan keluar dari ujian itu bagaikan emas kuning berkilat; maka itulah orang yang dipelihara Allah daripada bermacam syubhat. Dan sebahagian mereka akan keluar bagaikan emas hitam, dan itulah orang yang tergoda fitnah.” (Hadis riwayat Thobrani)

Allah berfirman yang bermaksud:

Adakah manusia mengira, bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan saja, dengan mengatakan: Kami telah beriman, padahal mereka belum lagi mendapat cubaan?” (Surah al-Ankabut, ayat 2)

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dipotong tangan kerana memberi Sedekah

Dikisahkan bahawa semasa berlakunya kekurangan makanan dalam kalangan Bani Israel, maka lalulah seorang fakir menghampiri rumah seorang kaya dengan berkata, "Sedekahlah kamu kepadaku dengan sepotong roti dengan ikhlas kerana Allah S.W.T."

Setelah fakir miskin itu berkata demikian maka keluarlah anak gadis orang kaya, lalau memberikan roti yang masih panas kepadanya. Sebaik saja gadis itu memberikan roti tersebut maka keluarlah bapa gadis tersebut yang bakhil itu terus memotong tangan kanan anak gadisnya sehingga putus. Semenjak dari peristiwa itu maka Allah S.W.T pun mengubah kehidupan orang kaya itu dengan menarik kembali harta kekayaannya sehingga dia menjadi seorang yang fakir miskin dan akhirnya dia meninggal dunia dalam keadaan yang paling hina.

Anak gadis itu menjadi pengemis dan meminta-minta dari satu rumah ke rumah. Maka pada suatu hari anak gadis itu menghampiri rumah seorang kaya sambil meminta sedekah, maka keluarlah seorang ibu dari rumah tersebut. Ibu tersebut sangat kagum dengan kecantikannya dan mempelawa anak gadis itu masuk ke rumahnya. Ibu itu sangat tertarik dengan gadis tersebut dan dia berhajat untuk mengahwinkan anaknya dengan gadis tersebut. Maka setelah perkahwinan itu selesai, maka si ibu itu pun memberikan pakaian dan perhiasan bagi menggantikan pakaiannya.

Pada suatu malam apabila sudah dihidang makanan malam, maka si suami hendak makan bersamanya. Oleh kerana anak gadis itu kudung tangannya dan suaminya juga tidak tahu bahawa dia itu kudung, manakala ibunya juga telah merahsiakan tentang tangan gadis tersebut. Maka apabila suaminya menyuruh dia makan, lalu dia makan dengan tangan kiri. Apabila suaminya melihat keadaan isterinya itu dia pun berkata, "Aku mendapat tahu bahawa orang fakir tidak tahu dalam tatacara harian, oleh itu makanlah dengan tangan kanan dan bukan dengan tangan kiri."

Setelah si suami berkata demikian, maka isterinya itu tetap makan dengan tangan kiri, walaupun suaminya berulang kali memberitahunya. Dengan tiba-tiba terdengar suara dari sebelah pintu, "Keluarkanlah tangan kananmu itu wahai hamba Allah, sesungguhnya kamu telah mendermakan sepotong roti dengan ikhlas kerana Ku, maka tidak ada halangan bagi-Ku memberikan kembali akan tangan kananmu itu."

Setelah gadis itu mendengar suara tersebut, maka dia pun mengeluarkan tangan kanannya, dan dia mendapati tangan kanannya berada dalam keadaan asalnya, dan dia pun makan bersama suaminya dengan menggunakan tangan kanan. Hendaklah kita sentiasa menghormati tetamu kita, walaupun dia fakir miskin apabila dia telah datang ke rumah kita maka sesungguhnya dia adalah tetamu kita. Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang bermaksud, "Barang siapa menghormati tetamu, maka sesungguhnya dia telah menghormatiku, dan barang siapa menghormatiku, maka sesungguhnya dia telah memuliakan Allah S.W.T. Dan barang siapa telah menjadi kemarahan tetamu, dia telah menjadi kemarahanku. Dan barang siapa menjadikan kemarahanku, sesungguhnya dia telah menjadikan murka Allah S.W.T."

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud, "Sesungguhnya tetamu itu apabila dia datang ke rumah seseorang mukmin itu, maka dia masuk bersama dengan seribu berkah dan seribu rahmat."

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Pertandingan Menulis Cerpen :)

Pada hari ni saya ingin hebahkan kepada anda semua mengenai satu pertandingan menulis cerpen yg dianjurkan oleh seorang sahabat blog saya iaitu Fatinah Jaafar. Jadi sesiapa yg ada bakat terpendam menulis cerpen tu..hehe..silakan..tunjukkan bakat anda :) okla, apapun sila check kat bawah ni..PREVIEW mengenai pertandingan tersebut dalam blog Fatinah Jaafar - -

my first contest : CERPEN TERBAIK ..
assalamualaikum ..


contest ini bertujuan untuk mengatahui bakat2 yang ada .. dengan membuat cerpen la kita tahu sejauh mana bakat kita .. atin bukan la hebat sangat buat cerpen ni .. tapi tidak salah kita berkongsi cerita .. betul tak ?




copy BANNER di atas ..

hayati tajuk yang diberi dan cari idea tersendiri .. plot bebas dan ceritanya biarlah menarik ... ada puncak cerita, ..

DILARANG sesama sekali mengguna kata2 yang tidak sopan dan unsur2 yang tidak baik.

berunsurkan ISLAM

tinggalkan link anda dibawah. insyaAllah saya bersama kakak tersayang akan baca dan hayatinya ..

tagged minimum 5 orang ~~~

mudahkan ??????


disamping kita bercerita, kita dapat menimbah ilmu .. insyaAllah ..


mini TAFSIR ...

jangan risau , bukan warna pink sahaja ada .. saya akan memilih warna yang sesuai untuk lelaki dan perempuan ..

TARIKH TUTUP ~ 25/10/2011

semoga Allah merahmati anda sekalian .. amin ~~~

wassalam ...

- Jadi cepat2 la hantar karya anda mengikut prosuder2 yg tlh dimaklumkan :D

credit : Fatinah Jaafar

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Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan! :)


Rasanya, agak terlambat untuk saya ucapkan salam ramadhan kepada anda semua. Tapi, memandangkan ramadhan masih belum berakhir, jadi rasanya takde masalah la kan? :)

So, Salam Ramadhan diucapkan kepada semua =)

Memandangkan sekarang kita semua berada dalam fasa ke-3 dalam bulan Ramadhan iaitu fasa 'Terlepas daripada Api Neraka' ( Insya-Allah), marilah kita bersama-sama berusaha untuk bertemu dengan malam 'lailatul qadar'.

Jadi, mari tingkatkan segala amal ibadah kita sementara masih sempat ni. Mungkin ini adalah ramadhan kita yang terakhir, jadi apa salahnya kalau kita gunakan segala peluang yang ada kan?? :)

OK itu saje, ( tak tau nak taip apa lagi dah ) ok assalam...=)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Just The Way You Are...Muslimah

Damn, I miss it...
The time when you looked so beautiful,
When, the cover you wear was long enough,
When, your words were carefully spoken,
When, your dress was so modest,
While in the real arena you were such a ferocious lioness, a real mujahidah,
I love that time, I love you just the way you are.

Damn, I miss it...
When you are not trying to look beautiful, you are,
When you quickly put your cover down when the winds blew it hard,
When you take another route just to avoid the opposite group,
I miss to see that calm sweet face,
I miss it when your face saddened by the reminders of God,
And I love you just the way you are.

Damn, I miss it...
When I tried to steal a look at your face,
I see tears rolling out with your hands up, praying,
When you deviate the gorgeous grey eyes away the moment yours met mine,
When you take no single glance at me when we pass by each other,
I love the way you talk to me, such composure and grace,
I love when your heart was so fragile to the Holy Words,
I love that time, I love you just the way you are.

But now, I don't know what I am feeling,
The love is starting to fade, or what?
Jealous? Dissapointment? Hope?
I don't know...
It hurts me a lot, it's silently killing me inside.

Every single time I saw you in that apparel,
Every single time I saw you mingle freely without boundaries with the opposites,
Every single moment I saw that words coming from your precious lips,
Please, this is not the girl who I'd known before,
But still, remnants of my love are still there, I'm sure!

I really want you to be my company in this perilous journey,
I really want you to be at my side, sharing love and care,
I really want you to be the mother of my children,
I really want you to be my guidance to His Love,
Even death cannot do us apart, because we will reunited in God's Glorious Gardens.

But girl, please! I really love you just the way you are at that time,
The time when you looked so beautiful,
When I saw you at that time,
There's not a thing that I would change,
Cause' you are amazing, just the way you are,
The way of a Muslimah.

- Artikel

Biodata Penulis
Fitri Fahmi Seorang pelajar International Baccalaureate dalam Bidang Perubatan di Kolej Mara Banting. Blogger yang baru berjinak dalam dunia blogging untuk menyebarkan seruan kepada agama melalui bahasa cinta. Merupakan bekas pelajar Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS), Klang.

Gravity Concepts

Hari ni kita sama2 berkongsi maklumat tentang Konsep Graviti pada bulan Ramadhan Al- Kareem ini :). Dalam bahasa inggeris...jadi rajin2 kan membacanya ye. ok..selamat membaca :D


Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces, yet it is the dominant force in the universe for shaping the large scale structure of galaxies, stars, etc. The gravitational force between two masses m1 and m2 is given by the relationship:

This is often called the "universal law of gravitation" and G the universal gravitation constant. It is an example of an inverse square law force. The force is always attractive and acts along the line joining the centers of mass of the two masses. The forces on the two masses are equal in size but opposite in direction, obeying Newton's third law. Viewed as an exchange force, the massless exchange particle is called the graviton.

The gravity force has the same form as Coulomb's law for the forces between electric charges, i.e., it is an inverse square law force which depends upon the product of the two interacting sources. This led Einstein to start with the electromagnetic force and gravity as the first attempt to demonstrate the unification of the fundamental forces. It turns out that this was the wrong place to start, and that gravity will be the last of the forces to unify with the other three forces. Electroweak unification (unification of the electromagnetic and weak forces) was demonstrated in 1983, a result which could not be anticipated in the time of Einstein's search. It now appears that the common form of the gravity and electromagnetic forces arises from the fact that each of them involves an exchange particle of zero mass, not because of an inherent symmetry which would make them easy to unify.

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